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Hi all,

I think there's been a change in the way we are taken to old threads with new posts.

I think I'm right in saying that when I clicked on a thread that I'd visited before, I used to be taken to either the newest post or at least to a new post after the ones I'd already read.

The past few days I've noticed that I'm taken to the OP, even when I've looked at the thread some time in the past.
This just happened to me with restroom/toilet/bathroom/loo, which is a long thread.

(Also noting that the new pale blue links are still not noticeable enough. I've touched up the one above.)
  • ain'ttranslationfun?

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    Sometimes it goes directly to the latest post, sometimes you have to click on the "Jump to new" box at the top of the page; I think this may depend on the forum.
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