Jungle growth....


Hi there - can anyone please tell me if there is a technical term for all the thick foliage that creates 'jungle growth'?

Thank you!

  • sdgraham

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    This sounds strange because it seems to me that thick foliage is part of jungle growth rather than creating it.

    It would help if you provided context as specified in forum rules.


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    I'd love to help-- I studies forestry/botany-- but don't recognize "jungle growth." What exactly are you referring to? The dense foliage of mature trees is the canopy-- and you could say 'dense canopy'; the understory is made up of bushes, saplings; and the thick, friable forest floor is made of leaf "litter," humus, mycelium, etc.

    Are these helpful? Or are you talking about a specific growth pattern?


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    Here in North America, we don't have "jungle". In the forests, though, we have "underbrush" which is the dense mat of small trees, bushes, grasses, log falls, etc. among the trees that create very difficult terrain when endeavouring to make your way through the forest.