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    How would you translate "Certificado de Jura de la bandera", I am translating a list of requirements to register for nursing school in Uruguay, I am not familiar with what it means so I'm not sure if my translation is correct "Certificate of allegiance to the flag"

    I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!
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    Certificado de jura de la bandera means literally, "Certificate of pledge of allegiance to the flag." I suspect it is something like what used to be called in the US "a loyalty oath," a mandatory statement by a citizen that he is not a traitor to his own country. Dictatorships and very conservative governments love them. This one, however, may not apply to foreign students. I suggest a search of "jura de la bandera uruguay" and you will probably turn up the details.
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    I checked with an uruguaya friend. She tells me it is a document commonly required, a written oath of allegiance to the flag. The various translations, in any given context, would be obvious (whatever one's opinion about such oaths)... As a foreigner, you might be exempt.
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    spanish mexican
    Great help! Thank you!

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