I want to say I 'm jurist in a company.

.أنا قانونيّة / اِمرأة قانونٍ / حقوقيّة في شريكة

Are those words equivalent ?

Thank for your help.
  • jack_1313

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    What precisely do you mean by "jurist" in this context?

    A jurist in the sense of a legal scholar - especially one who has had some historical role in shaping the law and especially in the Islamic context - is a فقيه.

    قانوني is used, but I think I've only ever seen it in the plural (قانونيون) with the meaning of "legal folk", i.e. people whose jobs have something to do with the law. I've never seen a person describe himself as a قانوني.

    A خبير قانوني is a legal expert. I expect that this is probably closest to what you mean.

    حقوقي did traditionally mean "jurist" and is used in that way in the names of various international and Arab organizations. However, these days, at least, I would say that the term حقوقيون is more commonly used in the sense of "rights defenders".

    A company is a شركة, not a شريكة.

    Wadi Hanifa

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    You wouldn't use 'jurist' in this context in English. A jurist is more of a legal scholar or a judge. You would say "lawyer" or "attorney" in a company.

    In Arabic you would say أنا قانونية في شركة or more commonly أنا مستشارة قانونية في شركة. Some might say محامية في شركة but many people restrict محامي(ة) to those working as private lawyers, especially those that appear in court.

    قانوني can be used in Arabic as a generic term for "lawyer" (i.e. someone with a legal background regardless of their specific role).

    There are of course regional variations to all of the above.