jus (aquarelle)


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Hi all,

Can anybody suggest a translation for "jus" in the context of watercolour painting? The context is a discussion about painting a white flower and how to leave the white parts blank and just paint in the shadows.

"La couleur de ce jus sera choisie dans une des teintes de la fleur"

"The colour of this wash will be chosen from one of the colours of the flower"

Does "wash" work in this context?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  • Can this help?

    After having posed the drawing with the pencil, I used oil-base paint diluted out of juice with the gasoline of thérébentine in order to treat work like a watercolour while never not reconsidering a blow of brush and to keep all his spontaneousness to him source of his force.

    Après avoir posé le dessin au crayon, j’ai utilisé de la peinture à l’huile diluée en jus à l’essence de thérébenthine afin de traiter l’oeuvre comme une aquarelle en ne revenant jamais sur un coup de pinceau et lui garder toute sa spontanéité source de sa force.