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  1. MisterTee New Member

    Hello all,

    How would I say "A little bit" or "Just a little bit" in Turkish? The phrase is almost a response to the question "Türkçe biliyor musun?".

    Thanks in advance.
  2. greenplastic New Member

    ''Birazcık'' or ''Biraz'' you can say.
  3. أتكلم القليل من التركية فقط = Sadece biraz/birazcık Türkçe biliyorum/konuşabiliyorum.

    أتكلم اللغة التركية قليلا =Türkçe biraz biliyorum/konuşabiliyorum.

    اذا تريد ان تقول "قليلآ" تتمكن من قول
    : biraz/birazcık
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  4. KyLé90 Member

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    You can translate;

    A little bit: azicik / bir parca / birazcik.

    Just means sadece; so you can translate Just a little bit " Sadece bir parca."
  5. MisterTee New Member

    Thanks all.

    Your input is much appreciated.
  6. shafaq Senior Member

    In daily colloquial you may come accross (of course may use) :

    acık ! (=azıcık) or as a friend of mine did yesterday; you may say :

    -Acık ucundan (kenarından) ...! ( a modicum from its end (edge) !

    Just to be diversification...

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