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I walk out the door of the airport to speak with the guy in charge of arranging a taxi to Tel Aviv. I want to let him know I just got in from the USA.

זה עתה הגעתי מארצות-הברית

I read where this is a formal way to say it. Might there be a better, more casual way? I would assume that only someone who is not well-versed in modern Hebrew, like me, might mistakenly mix formal and informal sentences.
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    Yes. זה עתה הגעתי is very formal.
    You can say עכשיו הגעתי מארצות הברית
    Or עכשיו נחתתי מארצות הברית
    If you want to sound even more local, you can use the very informal form
    הרגע הגעתי/נחתתי מארצות הברית