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    How do you guys say "just because" in Portuguese? For example, see below:

    A: Why would you do such a crazy thing?
    B: Just because!

    A: Why are you not coming to Debbie's party?
    B: Just because!

    I'm not sure if asking a positive or negative question would elicit a somewhat different answer in Portguese?

    I have read examples containing "Só porque", but that sounds a little odd to me. LOL.

    Can you guys confirm that and give in-context examples, please?

    Thank you in advance!
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  2. percivalpc Senior Member

    Nunca ouvi esse "Só porque".

    "Porque sim" / "Porque não".

    - Por que você faria uma loucura dessas?
    - Porque sim.

    - Por que é que você não vem pra festa da Debbie?
    - Porque não.
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  3. Rosing22 Member

    Heredia, Costa Rica
    Costa Rican Spanish
    That's what I thought. It's the same as in Spanish.

    I just wasn't sure. Thanks for clarifying.

    So "só porque" would not make any sense to answer any of the questions above, right?

    It would only make sense in such statements as:

    - Só porque você fez dezoito anos não significa que pode fazer o que você quiser na minha casa.

    - Ele não é o melhor home do mundo só porque ele dá muita grana pra você.

    Is that right?

    Thanks in advance.
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    What happens is that English happens to have two very different words: "why" and "because". That duality sets the stage for the snarky retort "just because", which, to be sure, means "I am not telling you why". Regrettably, in Portuguese - as well as in Spanish, Italian, but not in French - that does not exist. Something that works in Portugues (and does not sound like an awkward translation) would be

    Nenhuma razão!

    Unfair as it may seem, that would also work in English (and I have used it many times: "No reason!"). However, "Just because!" is superior, in terms of wit and subtlety.


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