Just here and there


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1: Do you work full-time, part-time, or just here and there?
2: I just work part-time.

- What does "work just here and there" mean?

Thanks very much!
  • JamesM

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    It means that you only work occasionally, doing "casual work" as it is sometimes called, and have no position with any company.

    "Here and there" is not a legal or business term; it is simply a way to casually say that you work at different places. The phrase can be used for other things.

    "You were in Paris? Where did you go?"
    "Oh, here and there. We had no plans so we just walked until we discovered something interesting and investigated it."

    "Last year the meadow was a blanket of wildflowers, but this year there were only small clumps of flowers scattered here and there."
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