Just leave me alone for a while

Graine de Moutarde

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Hello all!

Another quick question on this 'type' of phrase. I'm unsure how to translate the 'just' part of it, and it also appears other phrases like:

Just go back to sleep--as said to someone who has woken up thinking something was wrong, when everything is okay or the person speaking wants to give that impression....

Just eat--often said to children at the dinner table when they try to get involved in the adult conversation.

The context here: someone is at home resting after having a really rough day, and then all of sudden his phone starts ringing incessantly but he lets it go to voicemail, saying, once it stops ringing: "Good...please, just leave me alone for a while."

For this particular phrase, I had thought of 'Laissez-moi donc tranquille un moment." Would 'donc' be an appropriate translation for just in these instances?

Thanks for any insight!

  • DearPrudence

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    Hi Graine de Moutarde :)

    Yes, your translation looks good to me:
    Laissez-moi donc tranquille un moment.
    Laissez-moi donc un peu tranquille.

    But for your other two examples, 'donc' would be possible, but naturally, I would have said 'allez' (which doesn't work in the sentence above).
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