just not the welcome

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A group of people on a yacht in the sea get into a shipwreck during a storm, after which they come across a big cruise ship and get on board. Walking around they realize there's absolutely nobody there. Now they walk into a large room with tables full of food, like at a some big party.
VICTOR: Looks like you get your welcome party, just not the welcome.
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What does "the welcome" mean? what part of speech, why the article?...
Thank you.
  • VicNicSor

    Ah, i.e., when you're a guest, there's a welcome, and then a welcome party. "Welcome" is a necessary part of the whole thing, and that's why the definite article is used.
    Since nobody is on the ship, there was no "welcome".


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    Yes. Or you could say that you receive a welcome at a welcome party. Here though, the makings of a welcome party is there (the food on the tables etc) but the welcome isn't. There's nobody to supply the welcome.
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