(?) "just on the novelty factor alone"


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The passage below is part of what I transcribed, listening to a radio program.
Now, my sisters and I were budding entrepreneurs and I remember having our first yard sale in elementary school. I think I was about eight at the time. We took some toys that we didn't need anymore but they were still in good condition and we set up a table at the end of our driveway. We sold nearly everything in a few hours. And the surprising thing was that this wasn't in some random suburb in the U.S., but rather in our neighborhood in western Tokyo. As you know, I used to live in Tokyo as a kid. Now our Japanese neighbors must have thought it was a bit strange and uh... we probably sold some of our wares just on the novelty factor alone.
At the end of the passage above, I transcribed it:
just on the novelty factor alone

Does this make sense in this context?
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    Yes it does. It means one reason we sold some of the wares was because they were novelties (i.e. things that people haven't seen or heard before).


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    I agree that it makes sense but to me the "novelty factor" is their selling "garage sale" style.
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