1. earthmerlin Senior Member

    Bonjour. I'd like to say, 'Just one more lap' (as in 1 more go & that's it, I'm done). I'm referring to riding on a Plasma Car (a ride-on toy) with my 4 year old daughter around the perimeter of the 1st floor of our house. 'Juste un tour encore/plus'??? I'm not sure about my attempt. Merci d'avance...
  2. earthmerlin Senior Member

    I mean in thinking about it, 'Encore un tour' would be, 'Another lap/round', no? But what if you're at your limit & are willing to give in just one more time, 'Un dernier tour'...is that it? 'Juste un dernier tour'? I wonder....
  3. Coquecigrue Senior Member

    French (France)
    Yes, "Un dernier tour" is good.
    Or "Encore un tour mais c'est le dernier".

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