... just the mug then. = I'll just take/have the mug then.


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Alie is buying a present for Mark, her colleague. She is in a gift shop. She is thinking of buying a mug. She also would like to buy a birthday card but the shop has only got postcards. She decides to buy a a large mug and says: "Oh well, just the mug then."

Source: Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig, Paul Seligson. New English File Elementary.

I wonder what would be her full response. Would it be:

1. I'll just take the mug then.
2. I'll just have the mug then.

I think that #1 is OK, but I am not sure about #2.

Thank you.
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    In this situation, both your sentences will convey exactly the same meaning in spoken English.
    I will take it (take it away from the shop with me) or I will have it (own/possess it).
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