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    Noting - just to backstop - that "the big screen" is a colloquialism for motion pictures, particularly as opposed to television.

    Before television, there was just the "screen" as in "Jack Benny, star of stage, screen and radio."


    Does "to backstop" in the above" refer to "to give more information" or something else? Thanks.

    "to backstop" is taken from baseball where there is a "backstop" behind the batter to prevent a pitch or a foul ball from escaping from the field. SDGraham was putting up a "backstop" by preventing the subject from getting carried away before you were left with the impession that the "big sceen" included T.V.


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    regarding to ''backstop'' - the verb, I have the following context:

    ''it is hard to see the euro surviving were the world's third-biggest debtor judget unable to pay its creditors.
    The immediate consequence of this is that any sort of restructuring of Greece must therefore come with a credible plan to BACKSTOP Italy and other weak countris.''

    Would you please help me understand the meaning of the ''backstop'' in this case?

    Thank you all!
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