Just work it into the conversation


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It was a dialogue from the drama Desperate Wives. The couple are going to a party.
The husband: If you talk to Al Mason at this thing, I want you to casually mention how much I paid for your necklace.
The wife: Why don't I just pin a receipt to my chest?
Husband: He let me know how much he paid for his wife's convertible. Look, just work it into the conversation.
Wife: There is no way I can work that in.

For the part in bold, I understand it means when it's possible try to mention how much I paid for your necklace.

I wonder, is "work it into the conversation" normal or common in daily conversations, or is it just a creation by the husband? I mean, if I talk similar things in future, if I used this phrase, would it be strange or not natural?

Thank you.
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    It’s a common expression, yes.

    To work something into a conversation is to find a way of introducing that subject without making it obvious that you have an ulterior motive for wanting to bring it up. It’s a figurative use of the idea of, for example, weaving a particular motif into a fabric design.