justas e contratadas

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I hope this will be the last one. This is obviously a set legal phrase in Portuguese that I haven't a clue about it's translation into English. Your help will be as always much appreciated.

E, por estarem assim, justas e contratadas, as partes assinam o presnte instrumento de .....
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    As you say, it's a set legal phrase. Again, I don't know its sibling in english legalese.

    As it so frequently happens in legal documents, the phrase is even quite tautological because I think that 'justas' and 'contratadas' mean about the same. 'Justa' is, in my opinion, the past participle of the verb 'justar' which is now rarely seen, at least in Portugal, having been substituted by its more modern form 'ajustar'. It means that the parties reached an agreement (on price, clauses, or whatever is the object of the contract), so being 'justo' or 'justa' is the state of the parties after reaching that agreement (like 'casado' (married) is the state of someone who married). In other words, they made a contract, so adding 'contratadas' (again the state of the parties that reached a contract) seems to be superfluous. Anyway, that's how legalese works.
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