JUSTIN [acronym in police records, Canada]

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I have encountered an acronym ---"JUSTIN" ---- when reading a BC Province (of Canada) police file.

It appeared in the following long phrase, not a complete sentence.

"Records of court findings that resulted in conditioal or aboslute discharges, stays of proceedings, Peach Bonds, or other dispositions or criminal information, as located on police computer systems (e.g. BC PRIME, CPIC, JUSTIN, PIP or other systems). "

I searched on line, but cannot find the full form.

It maybe start with the word "Justice". (The acronym is intended to mean a data bank of previously convicted criminal names.)

But what exactly does its full form look like? (The full form of JUSTIN as a data bank.)

Anyone of you ever knows its full form? Or knows how to find it out?

Thank you in advance for your kind help.
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    Please give us the complete sentence in which this acronym was found.
    If it was not in a sentence, tell us something about the page on which you saw it. What else was there?

    (By itself, Justin is a man's name.)

    Seeking truth

    It seems, from vancouver.ca/police/assets/pdf/...criminal-record-review-program.pdf
    that, JUSTIN means Justice Information (BC Courts information).


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    Skimming this PDFSecuring the JUSTIN System: Access and Security Audit at the Ministry of Justice – I see that other terms are explained, but JUSTIN seems to stand alone, without an expanded version:

    The Province maintains an integrated justice case management system, known as JUSTIN, to support the administration of criminal justice cases from initial police submissions to Crown assessments and through the court process. JUSTIN now contains over one million police investigations, including some of the most sensitive information held by government.

    Much more in that linked PDF.
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