juzgado de letras de lo contencioso administrativo

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  1. ingafstef Senior Member

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    Example sentence/context:
    .....asi lo demuestra la sentencia del Juzgado de Letras de lo Contencioso Administrativo favorable.....


  2. lauranazario

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    Hola Ingastef.
    ¿De dónde proviene el texto en español --de qué país? Además, si nos brindas un poquito de información adicional de trasfondo no estaría mal.

  3. ingafstef Senior Member

    Ashburn, Virginia
    Germany / Spanish / English
    LN, thanks! It is really difficult for me to find my way in here.

    The source language is Honduras-Spanish and it has to be translated into English US, I know that on the form it did not come out right, but I did not know how to change it.

    The document is an ad where one of the parties got a favorable sentence and placed the ad in a newspaper to show that there is justice in Honduras. I am defend myself with translations without a problem, but when it comes to specific names (legal) like this I do. This is a specific title of a court and I have never heard it before and just cannot find the translation for it -I mean I can translate word by word, but then it is not a title per se anymore.

    Thanks for your help!
  4. lauranazario

    lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Español puertorriqueño & US English
    Thanks for the explanation, Inga.
    So... "Juzgado de Letras de lo Contencioso Administrativo" is the title of a Honduran court or the name of some specific department. I have never heard of it either... so let's wait for someone with experience in Central or South American law to lend us a helping hand.

  5. begoña fernandez Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    en Iberolenguas lo traducen como: Contentious Administrative/Official Court
    pero la expresión Juzgado de letras de lo contencioso administrativo nunca lo he oido en España y trabajo en el medio.

    No sé si te puede valer.

  6. terepere Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain

    So... would you say in English contentious administrative appeals for recurso contencioso-admisnitrativo in Spain??

    Thanks a lot!!
  7. Carbleu New Member

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    I have a similar phrase issue with documents that are also from a Honduran court. The phrase "Juzgado de Letras Primero Seccional: Constancia" is indicated on the top of an official document from the Honduran court. These terms do not translate well for a U.S. court when using dictionary definitions or Spanish from other countries.

    A number of my co-workers speak Spanish, but none of them can make a senseful translation of this "Juzgado de Letras."

    Any insight into how Honduran Spanish uses this phrase would be helpful. Many thanks!
  8. Carbleu New Member

    U.S.A. English
    I contacted a Chilean lawyer who provided me with the following information. Maybe it's helpful for other users too ...

    Juzgados de Letras is a court, any court. Why do they use "letras"? Because when the Spanish set up the Americas, they had courts that were for legal issues, where judges had to be attorneys (letradas); and courts for other issues, where judges could be anyone from the street (legas). In my opinion the translation of "Juzgado de Letras" is just "court".
  9. Davidbahg Senior Member

    Right. Just to add that a Juzgado de Letras is not exactly ny Court but a Trial Court (Court of First Instance). I'm a chilean lawyer too, but also I have been working in Central America for ages and that is the meaning in this neck of the woods.
  10. jeph1566 Member

    American English
    I don't believe the word contentious would work there.

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