käyttö- (käyttöliuos, etc.)


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Excerpt from cleaning instructions for a commercial kitchen:

Tyhjennä kone ja irrota pumpun imusihti ja muut irrotettavat osat ja pese ne käsiastianpesualtaassa Dip-It Liquid -käyttöliuoksella ja pesuharjalla.

"Empty the [dishwashing] machine, remove the pump’s suction strainer and other detachable parts, and wash them in the hand-dishwashing basin using Dip-It Liquid [???] solution and a scrub brush."

What is the element "käyttö-" conveying here?

Translating käyttöliuos as "usable solution" or similar seems absurdly redundant, since the product in question (Dip-It Liquid) is explicitly designed for cleaning things. Why would it be anything other than usable?

It seems fairly common to use "käyttö-" in compounds, and still I don't think I have a proper handle on what it means (though some cases are clearer than this one).

  • I agree. My best guess is that Dip-It Liquid is available as a concentrate and must be diluted before use. "Käyttöliuos" then refers to the ready-for-use solution.
    This is correct, this is how the word is used in cleaning and kitchen jobs. There may be a bottle of the correctly diluted solution available in the kitchen, so the person who cleans the dishwashing machine doesn't have to start by making it. If this particular detergent is the same stuff as what is commonly called "dippi" in restaurants, then it's a very strong and also potentially dangerous chemical - not what I would personally use for daily washing unless specifically told to do so.