kıyafet / giysi / giyimler

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  1. FlyingBird Senior Member

    What is difference between kıyafet, giyim and giysi? is it possible to say 'giyimler' for clothes?

    giyim and giyiş?

    some examples please.

    şimdiden teşekkürler.
  2. Black4blue

    Black4blue Senior Member

    We use kıyafet and giysi for clothes.
    Giyim is used when you mean the business. As in giyim sektörü or iç giyim mağazası...

    For me kıyafet means only the clothes I can wear outside. I don't say kıyafet for things like socks, underwears, pajamas etc. I don't know what the other members think about it.
    There are some examples you can't use them interchangeable.
    resmi giysi :cross: resmi kıyafet :tick:
    gece giysisi :cross: gece kıyafeti :tick:

    But everything I wear is giysi. It is simpler.

    I actually use çamaşır most. I guess it's about how I'm taught at first.

    Giyiş makes no sense to me except describing the way a person puts clothes on. :cool:

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