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I've come across this wonderful painting by Károly Ferenczy while visiting Budapest some years ago. I searched for it on the web and when I saved the picture on my computer, the file was under the name Kkodobalo (= Kődobálók). The painting's name in English is "Boys throwing pebbles into the river", so I got really curious on what the file's name meant.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Köszönöm szépen!
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    Hungary, Hungarian
    Hungarian uses inflections to express the same things as English expresses with separate words.
    In Kődobálók, for example:
    kő= stone, pebble
    dobál= throw, sling
    ó= something like participle
    k= plural
    So, literally, it would mean "stonethrowers"

    Good luck with Hungarian!:)