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    Field:geology. Context:"Table 1-2 tabulates the measured, indicated and inferred resources at the xxx and shows the tonnage/grade variability at various gold equivalent (AuEq) cutoff grades. Gold equivalent calculations are based on metal prices of $xx/ounce Au, and $xx/lb Cu, anticipated metal recoveries, and smelter costs.The measured and indicated resource is estimated as xxx million tonnes at a gold grade of 0.68 gpt and a copper grade of 0.13 percent. In addition, the inferred resource at the xxx is estimated as 127 million tonnes at 0.65 gpt gold grade and 0.13 percent copper grade at a 0.4 AuEq cutoff grade. The inferred resources include the inferred mineralization both within and outside the mineral envelopes"....
    K tonnes should be translated as>kilo toneladas? y m lbs as> mili libras?
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