Kafam şişti

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    From a cartoon: a woman and a man lie under a tree. The woman is in ecstasy at the sound of a cricket. She says:-
    'Chirp chirp chirp how beautiful! How beautifully they sing. I swoon, valla...all day chirp, chirp, chirp.
    the man lying by her says: ben bunla evlenmen ağa(sir)....kafam şişti'. What does kafam şişti ? She does my head in?

    For cartoon see:-

  2. SARI7

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    Exact definition. He says her constant talking (in an artistic way, in contrast with the uncouth appearance of the guy) gives him headache material.
  3. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    Yes, you can translate it that way.
    It's an expression used when there is a lot of noise and you can't stand it.
    In this case, the man thinks she talks too much for his taste.

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    He says, "My head is swollen." As in, she bent his ear to the point that he's sick and tired of it and literally suffering a headache.
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    Thanks both! It is clear now.

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