Kafkan (Kafkian, Kafkaesque) situation

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  1. Soap and water New Member

    Can you help me understand what people mean when they say it isa "kafkan situation"
    thank you.
  2. Vampiro

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    It means a very complicated situation, almost scaring, if you wanna say it.
  3. bondia

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    Illes Balears
    Kafkan or Kafkian?
  4. maidinbedlam

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    WR no registra kafkan, sólo kafkaesque. En español tenemos kafkiano/a, que describe una situación absurda y angustiosa.
  5. Dr No Senior Member

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    Kafkian or Kafkaesque, meaning a menacing situation in which one feels persecuted and paranoid, in which one can see no way out but in which one barely even knows who one's enemies are, or in which faceless authorities seem to be manipulating one's life. From the Czech/German author Franz Kafka.
  6. bondia

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    Illes Balears
    Cierto. Me he liado entre dos lenguas, para variar:eek: (pero hoy tengo la excusa de estar con gripe;))
  7. piraña utria

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    Good evening,

    Just in case: There are some examples for "Kafkan", even from American sources, meaning sort of "related/similar to Kafka's work", including this one, available via Google: http://www.jstor.org/pss/3331607

  8. Soap and water New Member

    Cheers everyone! It was very helpful.

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