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  1. yamkoh New Member

    Anyone knows the meaning of the word "dayawan" a kapampangan word?

    Atin kang alimpuyu king tundun, "dayawan" ka.
    Please translate it to English or Tagalog.
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  2. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    I ask kapampangan speakers but the word is new to them but bisayanon knew it and in Tagalog it means "Dayaan"!
  3. rempress Member

    dayawan = an adjective referring to a girl who is loveable but not necessarily attractive. It's an old kapampangan word I never heard for a long time.
  4. yamkoh New Member

    Thank you mataripis and rempress! :)
  5. Pretty_Gaella

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    Dayawan also means charming, endearing, sweet,pretty attractive and beautiful.
    In Filipino it means kaakit-akit or kagiliw-giliw; maganda or marikit.
    And instead of using dayawan, in Kapampangan you can also use masanting or malagu
    (but still it depends on the context)
    And I agree with rempress its an old kapampangan word and only the oldies are using it :)

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