Kapampangan Dialect (Philippines): Basic phrases

Discussion in 'Tagalog and Filipino Languages' started by monay, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. monay Member

    i do speak KAPAMPANGAN AND TAGALOG fluently because i am a Filipino.. you can ask me anything you like. :)

    KAPAMPANGAN is one of the dialect in the Philippines. Indeed there are some words are from the spanish.

    DACAL A SALAMAT (thank you verry much)
  2. Mitcheck Member

    philippines-spanish,english,tagalog, chavacano, visayan and ilocano
    hi monay...how do you translate this sentence in kapampangan?
    my stomach aches o masakit ang tiyan ko. tnx!
  3. monay Member

    hello Mitcheck!!!!

    masakit ang tiyan ko.- masakit ku atyan. (ma--sakit)

    maybe you have a friend or a lover kapampangan hmmmmmm....

    im willing to teach you how to speak kapampangan.

    god bless
  4. shamar Member

    I AM WORKING here in pampanga,however im from zamboanga.sometimes,during conservation with my co-workers,i feel so upset...i dont even understand what they were talking about..i do hope you can help me translate these phrases...
    1.what a hair!
    2.she is perfectly beautiful
    3.i love you my friend
    4.i love my job
    5.thanks for everything my friend.
    6.i will be home for christmas.
    7.i miss my family.
    8.did you take a bath?
    9.take care
    10.how are you?
  5. ganda Member

    Philippines - Filipino / English
    hope this help! =)

    1)makanyan ka buwak
    3)kaluguran ke ing kaluguran ku
    4)kaluguran ke ing obra ku
    5)dacal a salamat kaluguran
    2)tiktak ka king kalagu
    6)mibalik ku keng pasku
    7)amis kula deng pamilya ku
    8)megdilu naka?
    9)mimingat ka
    10)komusta na ka?

    although there are stress on some letters but i don't have access to do that.u can ask some of your kapampangan friends on how to say this! =)
  6. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

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  7. hampee New Member

    hello im new here....hope u can help me to translate this is kapampangan...thanks in advance.

    Dont get mad please!
    why are you mad at me?
    are you mad?
    take care always!
    you will be always be my special friend !
  8. cherine

    cherine Moderator

    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    Hi, welcome to the forum :)
    Please read the post by Jana. And the forum's rules too.

    Thank you.
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