Kapampangan: Mayap keng tawu

Discussion in 'Tagalog and Filipino Languages' started by Jadikight, May 21, 2013.

  1. Jadikight New Member

    Hi there any Kapampangan, I need some help to impress my girl friend. She is Kapampangan and I want to learn the language so I can impress her.

    She asked me "mayap keng tawu"? Can any one translate this for me?
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  2. rempress Member

    I doubt if it is a question. It's more of a statement.
    mayap kang tawu? = Are you a good person?
    mayap keng tawu? = Is it good to a person?
  3. 082486

    082486 Senior Member

    Filipino (Kinaray-a, Ilonggo, Tagalog)
    I asked my friend, she's Kapampangan.

    She said:
    mayap means good
    keng means with
    tawu means people

    So "mayap kang tawu" means good with people and also I don't think it's a question. :)
  4. rempress Member

    Nope. "Mayap kang tawu" means you are a good person.
  5. 082486

    082486 Senior Member

    Filipino (Kinaray-a, Ilonggo, Tagalog)
    Oopps! Sorry I typed "a" instead of "e".
    It should be "mayap keng tawu" meaning good with people.
    Thanks rempress. :)
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