karaoke journalism

Yujan Chou

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I was wondering what "karaoke journalism" meant in the following paragraph:

It [Internet] destroyed creative industry by distributing intellectual and imaginative work free. It strangled the music business, the film business, publishing, comedy, pornography and pub quizzes. And of course the press: travestied by the bloggers' karaoke journalism.
Source article: Decade in review: Age of the amateur with 15 minutes of fame
  • dojibear

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    English - Northeast US
    It is not a standard or common phrase in English. Probably the writer of this article invented the phrase.

    He describes the spreading of news by amateurs (bloggers), as opposed to trained journalists, as "karaoke journalism".

    Compare amateurs singing karaoke with trained professional singers giving performances. The writer is saying the (bloggers/journalists) difference is similar to the (karaoke singer / professional singer) difference.
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