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Hello, everyone:

When we sing karaoke song in my country(in KTV), we can choose three versions of the song:

1. The original version, i.e., the lead vocal is retained.
2. The background music version, i.e., the lead vocal has been removed.
2. The reduced vocal version, i.e., the lead vocal has been reduced.

Do you have specific terms for each version above in your country?

Thank you.
  • Juhasz

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    I don't know how serious karaokeists refer to different kinds of karaoke tracks. The terms you've listed are easily understandable. In every karaoke situation I've ever been in, this choice is not made available to the singer. The music is either what you've called "background music" or "reduced vocal," but not having any choice in which I get, I've never needed a term for either.
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