Karate is martial art that you use ........


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Hello everyone, I am wondering what I should put in the blank.

"Karate is martial art __________(that/where/ in which) you use all of human body to strike and protect yourselves".

==> Karate is a martial art, it's not a place nor a thing with limited space. So what should I use in this case.
  • meihelen

    I would use "in which" but cannot explain why as opposed to "where" (actually both sounds correct to me). "That" is definitely wrong.


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    Karate is a martial art in which you use all of the human body...
    I agree with meihelen that "where" is also possible. In a more formal style, "in which" is preferable.

    It is true that karate is not a place. However, spatial metaphors are very commonly used.
    X is a sport / a religion / a literary form in which....
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