Kau-mets and Kau-mets chautef [Kamatz and Hataf-Kamatz]


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How do I tell Kau-mets and Kau-mets chautef vowel symbols apart when they're written? Is one more common than the other. I ask because I've been studying pronunciation and one of the rules is the Sheva vowel is vocal when it follows a long vowel. I saw a video on you tube that shows the long and short vowels, but the Kau-mets and Kaumets chautef look exactly alike to me when written.

Here's the link to the you tube video: <<link removed by moderator>>

Here's the link to the rules about pronouncing the Sheva: http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Grammar/Unit_Two/The_Sheva/the_sheva.html
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    It seems the book in the video is old and was not printed clearly. Here are the vowels under the letter Chet (ח):
    Qamatz: חָ
    Chataf Qamatz: חֳ