kayınvalide / kaynana

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  1. FlyingBird Senior Member

    What is difference between 'kayınvalide' and 'kaynana'?

    which one is more used?

    eşimin annesini nasıl çağırabilir miyim?
  2. shafaq Senior Member

    What is difference between 'kayınvalide' and 'kaynana'?

    Both mean same thing. The difference between them is being "kayınvalide"'s formal and "kaynana"'s informal attribute..

    which one is more used? According the situation ; both...

    eşimin annesini nasıl çağırabilirmiyim?

    If you are enoughly thick with her; you may address her saying "(Benim) sevgili kaynanam!"; otherwise; "Sevgili kayınvalidem!" does the work as a formal tongue.
  3. Gemmenita

    Gemmenita Senior Member

    Kaynana is the common and main word to say mother-in-law in azeri (come into Turkish).
  4. jcpjcp Senior Member

    face to face, just say "anne", otherweise, she could be offended.

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