Kde není žalobce, není ani soudce

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  1. Jak se dá toto přísloví přeložit do angličtiny? Doslovný překlad nevypadá, že by se používal.
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    Hi Interfector, out of context, and as a dry translation of the legal precept expressed in Latin as nullo actore, nullus iudex, it translates as "no complaint, no redress"*; in other words, if no-one makes a formal complaint or presses legal charges, no-one will enforce the law.

    In terms of usage, however, I think it's used more in Czech than in English. For example I've seen the phrase used routinely in Czech and Slovak newspaper articles, but I didn't find the phrase in any English newspaper articles (not even the intelligent newspapers ;)). Obviously, in an academic paper discussing aspects of law, you'd expect to find it.

    However, in an everyday non-legal context - a newspaper article, say - where you're looking for an idiomatic equivalent, you might go for something like "what the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over", or "out of sight, out of mind", or "let sleeping dogs lie", or "don't rock the boat". Strictly speaking, these phrases don't have quite the same meaning as the Czech phrase, but, as always, an appropriate idiomatic translation will depend on the specific context (forum rule 3 :rolleyes:), which, unfortunately, you didn't give.

    (* The bolded syllables show the appropriate word and phrase stress)
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