Keep it to yourself/ for yourself


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Is there any difference between “keep it to/for yourself” if in my situation I'm handing something to someone and want to indicate that this person can keep this item as long as they want to
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    Keep it as long as you want (to).
    Keep it as long as you like.

    Neither of your suggestions has the time element you describe. Also, "keep it to yourself" means to keep something quiet or secret, while "keep it for yourself" means you’re giving it to them forever.


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    In that scenario, you want 'keep it for yourself'.

    "Keep it to yourself" isn't used for physical objects. You would say "keep it to yourself" to someone if you don't want them to talk about something, like this:

    "Hey, do you want to hear about my surgery?"
    "No, keep it to yourself. I'm eating breakfast."


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    Thanks. It’s more or less clear.

    What about this situation - I go to the public pool and in order to get in I have to get a plastic card that I use to go through a turnstile.
    Each time I come to the pool I have to go to the desk and get a new card.
    If I want to have a sort of “permanent” plastic card, can I say something like:

    Is there a card that I can keep for myself (so that I don’t have to come to the desk each time I go swimming)