Keep Pleasing


- If you keep pleasing your son, he will be very naughty.
- I think "..........continue to please.............." is better, right?

Thanks a lot!

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    You might want to use indulge instead of please (or some other word that probably fits better but I can't think of it now :D)

    If you keep indulging your son['s every little whim], he will be spoiled/he will become very naughty.


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    "........continue to please........." is better. Yes, I agree, it is. However, we more commonly use the "keep pleasing".


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    As the others have said, Namlan, "keep pleasing" isn't really appropriate. Your son could be pleased that you're home from work early or he could be pleased that you spent an hour with him playing in the backyard. The context of your sentence really has nothing to do with him being "pleased" and everything to do with him being "spoiled" or "over-indulged".

    Just for argument's sake, let's replace "please" with "spoil". In that case, the original sentences would be:

    "If you keep spoiling your son, he will be very naughty"
    "If you continue to spoil your son, he will be very naughty"

    "Keep spoiling" would probably be more commonly used but either sentence is perfectly correct and natural.
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