keep someone at arm's length

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  1. Saxo

    Saxo Senior Member

    I’ve got a woman that I love
    to death that is keeping me at
    arm’s length
    until I can show her
    that I know how to make some real
    money in this world.

    Me tient à distance ?
  2. Micia93

    Micia93 Senior Member

    in the center of France
    "qui me tient à distance" ?
  3. ladrey Member

    ou alors "qui me garde sous la main" mais je suis perplexe...
  4. temple09 Senior Member

    English - British
    It is "Qui me tient à distance".
    To keep someone at arm's length means that you do not get close to them in certain ways.
    "My neighbour always wants to talk to me, and I think he is very boring. I try to keep him at arm's length"
    "I have only just got divorced, so I am not ready to begin a new relationship. I am dating a girl, but I'm trying to keep her at arm's length"
    "America is trying to keep Taiwan at arm's length"
    It means that you are not actively trying to avoid someone/something, and you are not rejecting it or pushing it away, but you try to keep some distance between you and it/him/her etc for your own comfort.
  5. mirifica Senior Member

    Les Lilas

    Dans ce contexte (gagner de l'argent est important pour la femme), peut-être : 'qui me tient la dragée haute' ? OU (à vérifier) 'qui me tient en respect'
  6. Jasmine tea Senior Member

    French - France
    J'aurai bien dit
    "me garder sous le coude" en attendant que (je sois blindé!!)....
  7. BEEKEEPER Senior Member

    France French
    qui me tient à distance ...

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