...keep up his semi-reformed ways...?

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Hi there,I came across the following passage when I read this scoop about gossip girl.
In the passage, the bold sentence really confused me.

"Sure, Blair may have bailed on her big day with Dan in tow, but you gotta believe that one Chuck Bass is not out of the picture.
But can the bad boy keep up his semi-reformed ways long enough to lay claim to his great love? "

Could anyone help me paraphrase this? Thank you!
  • DocPenfro

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    I presume that the "bad boy" is Chuck Bass.
    Bad boys are notoriously fickle and promiscuous.
    If he reformed completely, he would be committing himself to a lifetime of monogamy and fidelity to one woman.
    "semi-reformed ways" suggests a state half-way between these two extremes.
    "keep up" = maintain, sustain, continue
    "long enough" = for a sufficient period of time
    "to lay claim to" something is to make a declaration (by word or deed) that you regard it as your own
    "his great love" = the lover whom the bad boy wants more than any other woman
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