Keep up with the good job

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  1. newdoomer

    newdoomer Senior Member

    Pirque, Chile
    Chile - Español
    I came across this expression, it was posted by JOSEPHINEM does it mean the same as "keep on with the good work"? which one is more used?


    Now it makes sense, because I know the situation with the lessons and everything. Thanks for the help. This forum is amazing and the ones that help deserve all the respect in the world. Keep up the good job! :)

    By the way I agree with Josephinem
  2. palomablanca Member

    U.S.A., English
    "Keep up the good work" is much more common. In fact, I've never heard anyone say "keep up with the good job."

    Mis dos centavitos,
    Palomablanca en California
  3. newdoomer

    newdoomer Senior Member

    Pirque, Chile
    Chile - Español
    look! I googled it and found out this:

    "keep on with the good work" 10.600 matches
    "keep on with the good job" 32.700 matches
    "keep up with the good job" 700.000 matches
    "keep up with the good work" 68.100 matches
  4. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    Google counts are very misleading. I never rely on them.
    They are not an indication of good English nor good Spanish.

  5. Bill Osler

    Bill Osler Senior Member

    North Carolina, USA
    English, USA
    Like palomablanca I consider "Keep up the good work" to be the most natural form.
    I agree with Zumac that Google counts are misleading. That said, I discovered that if you Google "Keep up the good work" you will see a lot of hits:
    3,390,000 for "Keep up the good work" which is more than the rest of the variations combined.
  6. jenniiie Member

    Dublin, Ireland
    Ireland, English
    i agree...'keep up the good work' is the most commonly used form...but how would you say this in spanish??
  7. Tsuki no michi

    Tsuki no michi New Member

    Spanish - Argentina
    It's something like "buen trabajo, sigue asi"
  8. mujerdepaz77 Senior Member

    You used it correctly in your original post:

    Keep up the good job!

    You can also say, Keep up the good work!


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