Keep you in touch / keep in touch with you

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  1. jevimetar Member

    Hi everyone!

    Which is the correct form? are these forms an informal/formal way to say the same? maybe they have a diferente connotation...

    Please help me with this one...

    Thanks in advance.

  2. nsunshine Member

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    'keep in touch with you' is the correct one.
    You can also say 'keep in touch', though it depends on the context and I think it is quite informal.
  3. Chez Senior Member

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    keep in touch with you = I will continue to communicate with you in the future.

    keep you in touch = I will keep you informed of what is happening.

    There is a slight difference in meaning. In the first example, it could just be a friendly intention to call and say hi now and again! In the second, you are saying that you will keep someone informed, probably about a specific topic/problem.

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