keep your digestive system regular

Discussion in 'English Only' started by jesusguime, May 7, 2009.

  1. jesusguime Banned

    Healthy on the inside means healthy on the outside ... You should also eat fiber every day, to keep your digestive system regular.

    Does the bolded in the above amount to "to keep your digestive system normal?" Thanks.
  2. Forero Senior Member

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    "Regular" for the digestive system (especially the bowels) means active just the right amount, working smoothly and conveniently.
  3. jesusguime Banned

    Thanks, Forero.
    In our mother tongue, we'd use "normal" in this context instead of "regular," so I wonder if "normal" does the work in the case for you. Thank you again in advance.
  4. tepatria Senior Member

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    Normal is a word that can be interpreted many ways. What is normal for may not be for you. In this context I would stay with regular.
  5. lablady

    lablady Senior Member

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    I agree with tepatria. In English, "regular" is the usual adjective associated with the functioning of the digestive tract. It would look strange to me if "regular" were replaced with "normal".
  6. Doggie doggie Senior Member

    Actually in chinese "regular" and "normal" have different meanings also, here I think "regular" sounds right to me, it is implying you do it in your own schedule
  7. tepatria Senior Member

    Onondaga, Ontario
    Canadian English
    I'm afraid in this context, regular has nothing to do with my schedule. It can be all too regular and interfere with my schedule!:eek:
  8. mplsray Senior Member

    Yes, that is the meaning. A regular digestive system is one without constipation or diarrhea or other pathology, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

    The term regular, I expect, goes back to the belief, once held among doctors, that to have a healthy digestive system, one must have daily bowel movements. Medicine has moved on from this belief, as can be seen, for example, in this article, but the terms regular and regularity, when referring to the digestive system, remain with the essential sense of "normal."

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