Keep your expectations about my abilities from overgrowing


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I'm writing to someone who is interested in giving me a job but I don't want to be overestimated and I'm planning to include the following sentence in my next post:

Reading my posts will help you to evaluate me better and will keep your expectations about my abilities from overgrowing.

Can this sentence be improved?

Thank you​
  • JulianStuart

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    Overgrow is not the word you are looking for because it has a specific meaning that is not the same as "to grow too big". "Over-" as a prefix can mean do something in excess (e.g., to overeat) but it also has its more literal sense of simply over - "look over there". The word "overgrow" (more commonly in its past form of overgrown) means that something has literally grown over something else. "The garden was all overgrown by creepers because no-one had cared for it in the ten years after he died."

    From a business standpoint, I'd suggest you delete that clause. However, from a grammar/vocabulary viewpoint, I'd substitute "from becoming unrealistic", or "will keep you from overestimating my abilities" or something like that. (What makes you think they will have extravagant expectations in the first place? "Reading my posts will help you evaluate me better." sounds just fine)
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