keep your eyes on the sparrow

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    Hi everyone, i listened to a song in English that says "keep your eyes on the sparrow" by Jimmy Cliff. Could you please tell me what that it means in Spanish?
    Thanks. :)
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    Mantén sus ojo sobre el gorríon.

    I don't know the Jimmy Cliff song, but the phrase "keep your eye on the sparrow" is often used to mean "stay free / don't tie yourself down," as in this song:

    When a fella comes a' courtin' you,
    and sits you on his knee,
    Keep your eye upon the sparrow
    that flits from tree to tree
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    Ahhh ahora lo entiendo :)! Gracias Chris K.
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    "Keep your eye on the sparrow" tambien fue usado en un programa de policias llamado "Baretta" y el cantante fue el famoso Sammy Davis Jr.

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