Keep your head down

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English, England
Is there an expression in German that means "keep your head down", in the sense of "keeping quiet"? I don't mean keeping quiet about anything specific - just going about one's own business without making a fuss.

  • Schultzy

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    When you say keep your head down, do you mean in the sense of keeping out of trouble/low profile?

    'Bleib locker' (at least to me) means 'keep calm' or 'stay cool' which doesn't really fit for keeping a low profile?

    I'm sure there are going to be better suggestions, but the only one I can think of would be 'sich unverdächtig verhalten'.


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    There are several idioms which could fit.

    For example I guess that the English idiom - "keep your head down" - also could mean, in a criminal context, to keep a low profile so as to not attract attention of the police. You could use here "untertauchen" but this would only fit this context and wouldn't be good for other meanings the English idiom could have.
    This just to illustrate that we need just a tiny little bit more - context! ;)


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    There is "den Kopf einziehen" - could be translated into "to duck one's head" in the sense to avoid responsibility.
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