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"Designed to set new standards in the affordable audiophile category, this belt-driven table boasts a carbon-tube tonearm to reduce unwanted resonance, a quiet-run DC power supply, a weightier platter to hold your records more securely, and an Ortofon 2M Redcartridge to help you rock out to optimal sound.
One caveat — there’s no dust cover on board, so you’ll have to clean those records diligently to keep your stylus sterling (we recommend the tried-and-true LP brush from Audioquest). Not only does this table sound amazing, it also looks fantastic.."

Traduzione di stylus sterling.... Cosa è? la testina del giradischi, forse?
Grazie mille per l'aiuto
  • joanvillafane

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    Yes, the stylus is the needle. To keep it "sterling" means to keep it clean and shiny, in top condition, I guess, although this is not a common usage of "sterling," in my experience. (at least not in AE)


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    I think joanvilafane's 'guess' is spot on; pehaps another way of saying 'in mint condition' or something like that.

    Quindi in italiano "come nuovo" o qualcosa del genere, forse?
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