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    This is from an Oktoberfest advert in the USA, and I am trying to remember how this would be said in German.

    Kann man mit "Anzapfer" arbeiten, oder muss man das umschreiben: der/die, der/die anzapft


    Es geht halt um die Person, die das Fass anzapft.
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    Man kann Anzapfer sagen.
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    In an ad (Stellenanzeige) I found "Zapfer", but it may depend on context.
    Is there a difference?
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    There is actually a distinct difference between "zapfen" and "anzapfen" when you're entering the realm of Advanced Beer Sciences! ;)

    "zapfen" describes the pouring of beer from tapped barrel or any modern bar tap.
    "anzapfen" is the process of tapping the barrel itself and -- at least in the olden days when wooden barrels were still used -- there was some skill involved and not just anybody was honored with that privileg!
    If done wrongly you can easily spill half the barrel before the tap is seated properly or you can spoil the taste of the beer by an improperly seated tap.

    That's why "anzapfen" is a ceremonial thing at the Oktoberfest and this process is completed with the famous words "O'zapft is!"
    Wiesn Dictionary
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    Thanks, manfy. I do mean the "ceremonial thing", so I'm comfortable now with "Anzapfer".

    Oans, zwoa, drei ... :p

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