kennfeldstabilisierende Maßnahmen ("ported shroud"?)


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This is a really long shot, but I know there are some automotive experts here, so here goes. The context is radial compressors, in particular for exhaust turbochargers, in internal combustion engines.

"Durch die Entwicklung sogenannter kennfeldstabilisierender Maßnahmen (KSM) wird versucht, die Pumpgrenze zu kleinen Massedurchsätzen zu verschieben, um so das Anfahrmoment, das Beschleunigungsmoment und das maximale Drehmoment der zugeordneten Brennkraftmaschine steigern zu können."

"Kennfeldstabilisierende Maßnahmen" doesn't seem to be a frequently used term, but when I Googled on it two of the hits specifically referred to "ported shrouds", which I think do indeed stabilise the "Kennfeld". It seems that a Kennfeld in this case is a "map", yet "map-stabilising" doesn't seem to be a common term either.

Has anyone got any suggestions as to what this might be, or even pointers in the right direction? If so, then thanks.
  • I would translate "Kennlinienfeld" to "array of characteristic functions".
    Moreover, I think "kennfeldstabilisierende Massnahmen" refers to some stabilisation control (for some process in combustion engines) which produces the corrective signal from an "array of characteristic functions" instead of from a (less sophisticated) single control equation.
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