1. heliojorge Senior Member

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    El contexto es un joven escritor que da las gracias a su editora.

    "Sarah Knight kept me honest, and more or less on time, throughout the editing process".

    ¿Qué significa kept me honest?

    Gracias por anticipado.


    PSIONMAN Senior Member

    Nottingham, UK
    Br English
    This is some kind of ironic statement. What is the book about? Maybe the writer is saying that his editor stopped him doing wrong or incorrect things during the process of writing the book
  3. Jeff Morgan Member

    UK, English
    I agree with the previous comment. To keep someone honest is a slightly ironic phrase often used in business which means that someone is excercising oversight or supervision over a third party to ensure that legal/administrative/technical or even moral rules are adhered to.

    For instance, one's accountant should keep one honest.......or non-executive directors of a company are there to keep the Chief Executive and internal management "honest."

  4. panjandrum

    panjandrum Occasional Moderator

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    Hard to know for sure.
    It could be that in this case the editor was making sure that the book was an accurate statement of..... whatever - somewhat beyond what might be thought of as the editors' role.
    Non fiction example: the editor could have corrected some of the writer's exaggerations.
    Fiction example: the editor could have pointed out where content was clearly "borrowed" from other writers.

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