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hehe i've been listening to a lot of keren ann songs in effort to help me with some french. i'm loving it!
but.....what does "que n'ai je" mean exactly?
thanks everyone!
  • geve

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    Hello mikaoj, et bienvenue sur le forum :)

    Now there are three things you will need to keep in mind... context, context, context ! :D

    Here's what I can say for a start :
    in "que n'ai-je" there is the verb "avoir" in present tense with the first person (je)
    It could also be followed by a past participle, which would make the sentence past tense.

    the "que" at the beginning + the inversion and negation, express a regret, something the person hasn't done, something like "oh, why didn't I..." or "I should have..."
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