Kertosakeen Nainen (lyrics)

Discussion in 'Suomi (Finnish)' started by somefool, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. somefool New Member

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    My question isn't exclusively one of translation, but moreso verification.

    I'm not a Finnish speaker, (yet!) but am planning on attempting to record the Rajaton song "Kertosakeen Nainen" for my girlfriend sometime in the future and would just like to verify that it would be an appropriate choice. As I am limited in how much I can post, here is the final verse of the song:

    Voisin lauluja kirjoittaa
    Niihin kauniita sointuja
    Mullois aina aiheita
    Ois helppoja ja vaikeita
    Jos sä vain oot mukana

    It seems to be appropriate based on Google translate, but things can often be lost in translation, so I wanted to make sure. If more of the song is required, and if I am permitted to post it, I would be happy to do so. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Grumpy Old Man Senior Member

    Welcome to the Finnish Forum, somefool.

    If you want the title of the song to look "Finnish", it should be Kertosäkeen nainen. Apart from that, there's nothing wrong with the lyric. It's informal in style, which is normal for songs. Mul ois or mull ois is usually two words.
  3. Gavril Senior Member

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    What do you think "mull ois aina aiheita" means in this context? "I would always have subject matter [to write about]"?

    In that case, is "helppoja ja vaikeita" modifying aiheita ("easy and difficult subjects")?
  4. Grumpy Old Man Senior Member

    Yes and yes.
  5. somefool New Member

    English - Canada
    Thanks folks, the help is much appreciated!

    In addition to it being appropriate as far as ease in singing, is it meant to be a love song of sorts that would be appropriate to sing to a girlfriend? I should have made it clear in my original post that I was looking for both.
  6. Määränpää

    Määränpää Senior Member

    That depends on how deep your love is, as the Bee Gees used to sing. :D

    It's appropriate if you're ready to start a family: "Voisin talon rakentaa / Voisin perheen perustaa..."
  7. somefool New Member

    English - Canada
    I might have to rethink it then... or I'll just give her some sort of disclaimer. :D Thanks!

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